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We lead with curiosity
and good questions.


Our work doesn't start with a spreadsheet. It starts with a conversation.

1. We talk with you about the big picture.

Your goals and objectives, and identify priorities.

2. Then we talk about risk.

Everyone endures some degree of risk—but everyone’s tolerance is different.

3. Next, we identify the gaps and opportunities

that currently exist, and how we can both leverage and bridge them

4. We draw on the expertise and resources of Baird

including industry-leading equity research and tax, retirement, insurance, and estate planning pros to evaluate your options.

5. We recommend a custom solution

that fits your needs, risk, and priorities—and implement it in accordance with the Investment Policy Guidelines you help us to set.

6. Ongoing review of your portfolio

is part of the process, and we regularly measure performance to make adjustments as changes occur in the markets.

Thank you!


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