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We do more than just
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Our Process

Success is not synonymous with money.

Any financial planner worth their salt will say they prefer to work with successful people. Who wouldn’t? But we don’t define “successful” the same way everyone else does.

Successful is not synonymous with “wealthy” or “rich” or “well off.” Because to our minds, you can be successful and be a rather unpleasant person who’s out to do little but improve their standing. No thanks.

Success has less to do with the money you’ve made or were able to hold on to, and far more to do with what you’ve created and contributed to the people and world around you.

Our History

Money is a resource, but time is a treasure.

Money is an expandable and expendable resource. But time is limited, unpredictable, and scarce.

And at the end of the day, simply having assets doesn’t change your life unless you use them to spend the time you have doing what you want most.

We believe the way you make the most of your time today will determine what your tomorrow looks like.

Our Values

Assets, in and of themselves, are not the goal.

We use and leverage assets the way a builder uses wood: It’s the material that holds, and what we have to use to build what you want.

But when you look around your house, you don’t see a structure made of wooden planks, and that’s certainly not how you’d describe it. You call it home.

The assets matter not because they’re assets, but because they give structure and shelter to the place you want to spend your life.

Our Process

Money doesn’t give life meaning; it gives you options.

Money in and of itself has value, but no meaning besides what you give it. Where one person sees property, another sees adventure. Where one sees luxury and comfort, another sees none of the trappings of wealth.

We aren’t just about sums or standard deviations. We’re about how to take what you have and help you derive not just more money from it, but more meaning.

It’s our job to help you see and leverage all of them, so you can choose how you spend your time.

Our History

Tomorrow is a blank slate.

No one can promise you that later is better, or that tomorrow will give you more than you currently have.

What we can tell you is that tomorrow can only take care of itself if you set it up for success.

We help you to make the decisions that you might be tempted to put off until tomorrow. Because the only time you have for sure is right now.

Our Values

This isn’t just about assets.

Our work has about as much to do with asset allocation as surfing is about standing on a board.

Sure, that’s part of what makes surfing happen, but there’s far more to it than that. You have to anticipate water, force, and momentum, and if you’re not aligned with any of it, you won’t be standing for long..

Thank you!


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