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Margaret Price, CFP®

Margaret Price, CFP®

Managing Director | Family Wealth Advisor


Before Maggie began her career in financial services, she worked in Montana in the social services industry. It was while working with individuals who were unprepared and ill-equipped to deal with the many financial obstacles in life that Maggie found a passion for education and planning for individuals, families, and institutions.

Background and Experience

Maggie was born and raised in Arizona and graduated from Montana State University with a Bachelor of Science degree. She began her career in financial services in 1983 and strongly believes that continuing education, formal and informal, is the key to helping others succeed.

In her work with individuals, families, and institutions, Maggie has seen both successes and failures. These experiences inform every client interaction, with the primary goal of helping clients achieve their life dreams. She also holds the CFP® designation to ensure she is offering the best, most contemporary information and advice to her clients.

Prior to joining Baird in 2017, she began her career at Foster and Marshall and then worked at Wells Fargo Advisors or predecessor firms. She has stayed the course, through many changes at the helm. Always in search of what is in the clients’ best interest, she led her team and clients to Baird.

Personal Life

Alaska is home base for Maggie, but she enjoys exploring and traveling with her husband Mike and daughter Anna.